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Carpet Cleaning

Wall-to-wall carpet sees a lot of action therefore, it requires regular carpet care up-keep to maintain its overall cleanliness, comfort and appearance.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Peter is highly trained technicians who work effectively, thoroughly and with integrity.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Upholstery, Completely Clean Home Just like anything else in your home, your upholstered furniture requires regular upkeep and cleaning.

Freshly New

Just like anything else in your home, your upholstered furniture requires regular upkeep and cleaning.

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Linoleum Cleaning

We use non-toxic, bio-degradable products and the best equipment to clean your Linoleum thoroughly and completely.

Perfect Lines

You can rest assured that when we clean your Linoleum with perfection.

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Hard Surface

Each job is carried out by an experienced technician, leaving you completely assured that you are receiving the care you need and deserve.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning and Sealing (ie: Tile, Grout & Stone)

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Our Home Owners Say

We came back to a house with beautifully cleaned rugs. Thanks so much for doing this while we were away. Not only are you very trustworthy, but you do a fabulous job!  Many Thanks!

Michelle -- Kirkland

Dear Peter,
As always I love coming home after you’ve been here. The house looks great!
Thank You!

Cathy -- Seattle, Washington

Dear Peter and Donna,
Thank you again for your great service and professional advice to care for our carpets. The work you did today to remove those stubborn stains really worked and we appreciate your time! You are very much appreciated by our family. I like the way you operate your “All American” business. Take Care.

Don & Rietta -- Puyallup, Washington

With Sincere Appreciation, Peter G’s
“When we reflect the best in others, we bring out the best in ourselves.”
People like you make the world a brighter and happier place. Thank You Both for Being You!

Earlene & Fred -- Burien, Washington

Peter G,
Beautiful job. I don’t know how you got those wine stains up! Next time I am going to leave you a blank check!

Carol -- Seattle

Dear Peter,
Just a quick note to tell you how much we like our “new” cleaned carpets. The color and the nap is so much better—we can really tell the difference when we vacuum them. We are glad we found you!

Charlie & NauSea--Puyallup, Washington

Going the Extra Mile

“Our strict adherence to professionalism and quality is what we have built this company on and will continue to do with our expanded services—all the while with an eye to maintaining reasonable costs for our clients.”


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